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Thursday, June 23, 2005

gerard cosloy vs. birdy.

I was planning on doing a fanzine last year and had this stupid idea of doing one question interviews. Since I never got around to making the fanzine, I thought I would print this one question interview with Gerard Cosloy, which ended up turning into a silly argument and got him mad at me a bit. It goes back and forth a bit through email.

Me: What is the worst encounter that you've had with a musician? Not counting when GG Allin tried to urinate or crap on you that one time.

Gerard Cosloy: "I'm sorry,but that's really between me and Courtney. I really have nothing else to say about it and I'd like to think both of us have moved on."

And about the GG Allin thing.

Gerard: "Hey, he tried, but didn't succeed."

Me: Thanks for answering the question, and one that includes Courtney Love is even better.

To which Gerard responded with: "I don't remember mentioning anyone named "love."

And me bringing up the GG Allin thing.

Me: Hehe, yeah right, there is a rumor going around that GG did it because he knows how much of a fan you are of scat.

Gerard: "Y'know, no matter how many times you repeat a story, that doesn't make it true. I mean, I could tell people that your Dad paid GG to fuck him in the mouth, but that wouldn't make it true. Even if it was on the internet so many times that everytime people googled your name, the story about GG fucking your Dad in the mouth came up.

Me: My dad doesn't suck dead guys cocks. And my dad is hot and would never have to pay someone to suck his cock.

Gerard: "Great, then you get my point. Your dad and I have lots in common --- we're both really hot, don't have to pay for it and we're sick to death of slander."

Me: I wasn't serious about that rumor and i wasn't planning on spreading it, i thought it was obviously a joke.

Gerard: "That's cool. I'm just making a point. some degree of minor league notoriety allows people you don't know and have never met to make any number of presumptions, kidding around or not. best of luck with the asking-questions thing."


At 7:42 PM, Blogger kevin said...

Cosloy can be pretty touchy. It's weird. Maybe it's from those years of whoring himself and his label to the corporate machine, but whatever. At least he listened some cool music in the 80s, right?

At 3:38 PM, Blogger naoko said...

lol. i like how he can be mean though and think he's just funny. although i hope he doesn't see that i've posted that. lol

and he's probably a bit bitter just from morons that he's had to deal with over all the years.

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